English Classes for car (B)

At Drive Trafikskole, we offer team teaching by blackboard, just as the law requires, with a team start approx. every week. You can therefore start on your driver's license when it suits you.

The weekday for enrollment will be the regular weekly theory teaching day.

We offer a law package that contains all the statutory hours and courses - simple and transparent!

Law package

The law package is a comprehensive package that gives you the minimum required to complete your driver's license. The legislative package contains the following:

  • Theory Course unlimited*
  • Maneuver Course (4 lessons á 45 minutes)
  • 16 driving lessons on road
  • Smooth path course
  • Lesson plan

In addition to the law package, costs for stamp duty to the police, medical certificate, driving license incl. warmup, first aid course and enrollment fee for theory and driving test. In addition, for most, extra hours will be needed, in addition to the 16 lessons included in the law package.

Payment is made by bank transfer, so there is basically no cash between student and driving instructor!

Payment in 2 parts:

It is possible to divide the payment into 2 parts, at an additional charge of DKK 800 on top of the law package price.

  1. part paid before 2. theory class
  2. part paid before 6. theory class
Payment of start package:

It is also possible to pay a start package where you pay for, theory course, maneuvering course, registration fee as well as admission fee and then paid according to list prices according to the website, this is the most expensive solution.

*Unlimited theory classes is valid for up to 6 months after start.

Why don't we have the cheapest law package?

When you need to take a driver's license, it is first and foremost about road safety. Therefore, always choose a driving school you have heard about rather than a driving school you do not know. The cheapest driving school may well end up being the most expensive option, with shortcomings in teaching, a lot of extra driving lessons, and a lot of disappointments. Read e.g. this article from from Ekstra Bladet: Free play for poor driving instructors. (Danish article) Use your common sense!

Drive Trafikskole stands for high quality education, high pass percentage, personal and flexible education - at reasonable prices. We call it driving license the right way !. Come by our Facebook group, and read our positive comments from our kind students.

Driving license for 17-year old

Now you can start your driving license course when you are 16 years and 9 months old.

Read more about the rules at the Færdselsstyrelsen here

And with Sikker Trafik here